After Trump’s Afghanistan Speech, Pakistani Leaders Declare: ‘Pakistan Will Become The Graveyard Of U.S. Soldiers’; ‘U.S. Must Not Think Of The Nuclear Pakistan As Its Colony’

Front page headline in Roznama Dunya: “America threatens attacks in Pakistan”


This paper reviews Pakistani leaders’ reactions to the U.S. President Donald Trump’s Afghanistan policy speech. On August 21, 2017, Trump delivered a spe…

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2017 Summer Camps In The Palestinian Authority – Part II: Military Training, Glorification Of ‘Martyrs’ At Camps Held By Fatah And National Security Forces

This past summer, Fatah held summer camps for children and youth, each lasting several days, in cooperation with various Palestinian Authority (PA) security apparatuses. Some of these camps were held in bases of the PA’s National Security Forces (NSF) …

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2017 Summer Camps In The Palestinian Authority – Part I: Military Training, Glorification Of ‘Martyrs’ In Camps Run By Higher Council For Youth And Sports Headed By Jibril Rajoub

This summer, bodies connected to the Palestinian Authority (PA), the PLO, and Fatah, in cooperation with the PA National Security Forces (NSF), ran summer camps for Palestinian children and teens. Especially noticeable were the Pioneers of Tomorrow cam…

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Germany: Shameful #Merkel has not regrets importing millions of terrorists. Would ‘do it again’.

That evil German cow has no shame in her body. Merkel needs to hang from the gallows. . . German Chancellor Angela Merkel insists she has no regrets about letting in a million migrants in one year despite her decision seeing her political support plummet Mrs Merkel has said her 2015 decision was right from … Continue reading

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Iran In First Year Of Trump Administration, Second Year Of Historic Nuclear Deal: Regional Expansion, Religious War With No Political Boundaries, ‘Death To America,’ And Show of Readiness To Confront U.S. Militarily As Supra-Regional Power

The Great Reversal: The U.S. vs. Iran – From Might And Deterrence To Weakness And Retreat

Within three months, the U.S.’s position in the Middle East has changed from one of might and deterrence against Iran to one of weakness, retreat, and being deterred by Iran. This situat…

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UK: 52% of people believe Islam is a threat to the West

Originally posted on Muslim Statistics:
Almost half of English people more suspicious of Muslims as a result of recent terror attacks, study finds ‘Worrying’ report shows a quarter of English people believe Islam is a ‘dangerous’ religion, but overall England is becoming more tolerant and open May Bulman, @maybulman The Independent Online Members of the Muslim community…

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Saudi flogging of blogger: ‘They were cheering like it was a beach party’

‘They were cheering like it was a beach party’: Wife of jailed Saudi blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes shares horrific footage of him during flogging that nearly killed him and reveals she hasn’t heard from him in TWO YEARS Raif Badawi, 33, was arrested in 2012 after blogging about freedom of speech Saudi religious court … Continue reading

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