“Drip-Drip” Genocide: Muslim Persecution of Christians, February, 2017

Gatestone Institute The Islamic State is at it again. More stories of atrocities against Christians continued to surface.  In one, a Christian man, Meghrik, said the bus in which he was riding in Syria was stopped at what turned out to be an ISIS checkpoint.  Three men dressed in black entered and began checking all […]

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Spain: Muslims Create Stampede and Scream ‘Allahu-Akhbar’ in Seville Good Friday Parade. 17 Hospitalised.

Pay attention to the sentence “…and others slogans in support of Basque terrorist organisation ETA.” Muslims will re-inliven ETA and make their jihad cause intertwined with ETA in pretence for ‘independence’. Whenever a country brings in Muslim migrants, and Sunni Muslims in particular who are responsible for 98% of islamic terrorism, they encounter a future … Continue reading

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Muslim Marvel Artist Ardian Syaf Hid Anti-Non-Muslim Hate Messages in Comics

Ardian Syaf was basically posting subtle terrorist messages. Did Marvel Comics fire him and report him to National Security? Hardly. Ardian Syaf is an Indonesian comic book artist that works for several American comic publishers. He’s deliberately inserting subliminal messages against non-muslims about conservative Islamic political movement in 2017 Jakarta Election in Marvel’s comics. One … Continue reading

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